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To qualify for assistance, you must:

  • Live in Brevard or Indian River County, Florida
  • Female age 20 to 65
  • Have an annual income (AGI) at or below 250% of federal poverty level

To Apply

  • Please download application on website.

  • Complete the application form in its entirety.


  • Scan and email to
    • A copy of your most recent pay stub and most recent IRS tax return
    • Proof of residency (copy of ID)

You will be contacted within 7-10 days. Note:  Submission of an application does not guarantee approval.

  • If you have questions about this or need assistance in completing, please call 321-345-0407.

All information is strictly confidential and for Stop The Pink use only.

Why Thermography?


Thermography Facts and Research

 Did you know? 

Breast density greatly impacts our current screening tools.  Up to 74% of women age 40 to 49 have dense breasts, even more for younger women.  More details on links below.

Breast density is one of the strongest predictors of the failure of mammography to detect cancer.  Mammography misses cancer more than 50% of the time for women with dense breasts.  No one tool is 100% but additional screening tests such as ultrasound and thermography can increase the accuracy to close to 100%.

Thermography is the only tool with the potential to see changes before a tumor is present.  Making it the only one with the potential to be preventative.

In 1982, the FDA approved breast thermography as an adjunctive breast cancer screening procedure.  But yet most women don't know about this tool.  Our mission at Stop the Pink is to educate all about adding this to their current screening regimen.  Below is some facts on why we feel it is important and has potential to be preventative. 

• Breast thermography has undergone extensive research since the late 1950's.

• Over 30 years of research comprising over 800 peer-reviewed studies on breast thermography exist in the index-medicus literature.

• In this database, well over 300,000 women have been included as study participants.

• The numbers of participants in many studies are very large - 10K, 37K, 60K,    85K …

• Some of these studies have followed patients up to 12 years.

• Strict standardized interpretation protocols have been established for over 15 years.

• Breast thermography has an average sensitivity and specificity of 90%.

• An abnormal thermogram is 10 times more significant as a future risk indicator for breast cancer than a first order family history of the disease.

• A persistent abnormal thermogram caries with it a 22x higher risk of future breast cancer.

• An abnormal infrared image is the single most important marker of high risk for developing breast cancer.

• Breast thermography has the ability to detect the first signs that a cancer may be forming up to 10 years before any other procedure can detect it.

• Research has shown that breast thermography significantly augments the long-term survival rates of its recipients by as much as 61%.

Thermography role in breast cancer screening.

Breast Thermography and Cancer Risk Prediction

Breast Thermography is a non invasive prognostic procedure that predicts tumor growth rate in breast cancer patients

Breast Thermography: A prognostic indicator for breast cancer survival

Secret weapon against breast cancer?

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We are a nonprofit organization focused on helping fund women experiencing financial hardships with the means to have breast thermography and to educate all. Thermography is the only tool, at this time, that has the potential to detect early signs that breast cancer may be developing.  Therefore, Stopping The Pink

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